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Thursday, October 18, 2018
Saint George, Kansas

Monday evening my little football team played their last game of the season and what a game! It ended with a come from behind victory over Chapman 13 to 7. That put them in the winner's bracket at 3 and 2. Great season! Great kids! Great Assistants! Great parents!

Tuesday, I did take the fly rod and head over to Cameron Springs. I am sorry to say that the trout have not been stocked yet but I did spend a good three hours trying hard to get one of the giant left overs from last season but nothing I had in the box seem to appeal to them.

Yesterday I played nine holes of golf at Wildcat Creek and ended up three over par which is two strokes worse than my last game. Today I have some football equipment that needs to be cleaned and put away for next season and then (time permitting) I might head back to the golf course or try fishing Rocky Ford.

On the quail hunting side, if you're planning on hunting Fort Riley don't even plan on coming out here until after December the 18th because the post will be closed. Depending on weather, a trip after December the 18th might be well worth your effort as the quail will have had no pressure and will be like opening weekend. There are a lot of quail.

Until next time, stay warm and safe, get into the outdoors and take a soldier, youth or both with you. Make it a great day!



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I am available to guide on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to schedule a fishing or hunting trip drop me an e-mail with some dates and the type of fishing or hunting you're interested in doing.

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Fort Riley Kansas is home to 101,000 acres of the some of the best quail hunting in the state of Kansas.  It is also home to a wide variety of game birds.  Good numbers of doves, quail, turkey, prairie chicken and pheasants are taken every year.

The doves are coming!

30 Years of Hunting Fort Riley.

I started hunting post in the 70s. After retiring from the army in 1988, I bought a home and have hunted the post every year since. I say this not to brag but simply to state a fact of years of hnting every inch of the fort that if there is a dove field, covey of quail, or flock of turkeys I don't know about, I don't think they exist. There is a common misconception that civilians can't hunt on the fort. There are some special requirements that have to be met but hunting on post is open to everyone.

What you will need to hunt on post

In addition to a valid Kansas Resident or non-resident hunting license, post regulations have specific requirements and sign in/out procedures.

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